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Aamar Dukan


The State of Assam with a view to strengthen the PDS introduced 22 non PDS items in the PDS basket of commodities through an innovative scheme with the brand name “Amar Dukan” in the financial year 2014-15 with a target to cover 10000 shops out of the 40557F.P.Shops. There has been 3812 nos. of Aamar Dukan and under the 100 days action plan 1856 nos. of new Aamar Dukans were ceremonially inaugurated. At present 5668 shops have been covered under the scheme out of this 5623 nos. of shops are functioning.

The modalities of the scheme is that the Distributors, Stockists and wholesalers issue adequate quantities of selected commodities on the basis of demand, at their landing price plus minimum profit to the selected group of FP shops by eliminating the existing intermediate agencies. Under the scheme the F.P. shops are allowed to add a maximum of Rs. 3/- only per kg/litter which includes both profit and transportation.

Till date financial assistance provided @Rs. 66225/- per shop under the Amar Dukan Scheme

The criteria for selection of F.P. Shop under schemes are as follows:

  • The shop must be free from dispute/litigation etc.
  • The shop must have valid renewed PDS license.
  • The shop must be presently dealing with non PDS items in addition to PDS items.
  • The shop must be financially viable in terms of volume of business and profit.
  • The shop must have sufficient ventilation, light and space to allow comfortable movement of customers and stocking space.
  • The shop must remain open through the month subject to compliance with provisions of the Shops and Establishments Act.
  • The shop must not have been implicated in any breach of laws/rules in consequence of which its license was suspended or subject to penalties under the EC Act and its subservient Control Orders.
  • The shop must have a unique identifying number.
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