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Apply for Ration Card

Ration cards are authorized documents issued by the Government authority for obtaining benefits under PDS. Before the implementation of NFSA’2013 in the State, there were three types of Ration Cards, termed as Family Identity Cards (FIC) in Assam. These three types of ration cards were meant for

I) APL (Above Poverty Line)
II) BPL (Below Poverty Line)
III) AAY(Antodaya Anna Yojana) beneficiaries under PDS/TPDS.

Besides, there was another type of Ration Card issued by the State Government which was called MMASY ( Mukhya Mantrir Anna Suraksha Yojana) Card.

On implementation of the NFSA’13 in the State, the State Government abolished all the earlier Ration Cards and issued only two types of Ration cards which are:

1) Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Ration Card
2) Priority Household (PHH) Ration Card


Who can apply for a Ration Card under NFSA:

1.The persons having no ration card: The eldest woman of a family who is a bonafide citizen of this country with an annual family income of less than Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees One lakh) may apply for getting a new Ration Card under NFSA’13, provided the person fulfills all the criteria to be eligible as a beneficiary under NFSa’13. In the absence of an adult female member in the family, the eldest male person may apply for the same. In this case, the individual must produce a certificate from the Village Head/Gaon Panchayat President/Ward Commissioner/Inspector of FCS&CA/Authority concerned in writing that the person having no ration card. Such a certificate will normally be granted after the person files an affidavit to this effect to the issuing authority. This document is to be attached along with the ration card application form.

2. Duplicate Ration Card: In case the Ration Card is lost or become defaced, mutilated, illegible or otherwise rendered unless, for no fault of the holder of the ration card, the competent authority can issue duplicate ration card after charging the appropriate fee.

3. The person having ration card at the previous place: This is applicable in the case persons who are transferred from one place to another. In this case, the Surrender Certificate is required from the concerning FCS&CA authority of the place from where the person was residing previously. This document is to be attached along with the ration card application form.

4. After Marriage entry to be made in the ration card: In this case, also deletion certificate is required from the previous place of residence, issued by FCS&CA authority. This document is to be attached along with the ration card application form and ration card.

5. In case of the birth of a child: For the addition to be made in the ration card, the birth certificate of the child is required along with ration card in which the addition has to be made along with the application neatly handwritten or typed on a plain paper addressed to the FCS&CA authority.

Where to apply for the issuance of Ration Card?

The application for obtaining a ration card should be submitted to the FCS & CA authority of the District/Sub-Division(C) in the prescribed Proforma-C. For the Proforma-C, click on the download link below:

Required Documents for New Ration Card

  1. Detailed particulars of family members
  2. Copies of birth certificates of minor members(Below 10 years in age)
  3. Certified copy of relevant page of Voter List
  4. Copy of Tax Pay / Land Revenue Pay receipt
  5. Surrender certificate of Ration Card/Family Identity holding or non-availability certificate from the FCS&CA authority where the applicant was previously resided.
  6. Address Proof (attested copy of PAN Card /Driving License / Bank Passbook / Post Office Passbook /Municipal Holding receipt / Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill)

Required Documents for Duplicate Ration Card

  1. Self Declaration
  2. Police Report

Required Documents for Separate Ration Card

  1. Surrender Certificate(s) in original
  2. Parental Ration Cards in original
  3. Self Declaration
  4. Certificate From Village Head/Gaon Panchayat president/Ward Commissioner
  5. No Objection Certificate by Head of Family of Parental Ration Card for inclusion of additional members (Attested Copies)
  6. Proof of Date of Birth (Birth Certificate / X Pass Certificate / declared / other)
  7. Proof of Residence
  8. Photo Identity / Election / PAN / Driving license card / Passport

Required Documents for Inclusion / Deletion / Surrender

  1. Original Ration Card
  2. Local Certificate / Election Card / PAN / Driving license / Passport
  3. Proof of Date of Birth(Birth Certificate/X Pass Certificate/declared/other)
  4. Surrender Certificate in original (for inclusion, if any)
  5. Death Certificate in case of death of a member

Required Documents for Change of Head of Family

  1. Original Ration Card
  2. Death Certificate in case of death of Head of Family
  3. No Objection Certificate

Required Documents for Child to Adult Conversion

  1. Original Ration Card
  2. Proof of Date of Birth (Birth Certificate / X Pass Certificate / as declared / other)

Required Documents for Change of FPS and / or Residential Address

  1. Original Ration Card
  2. Photo Identity / Election Identity Card / PAN / Driving license / Passport


  1. Ration Card should be kept in safe custody and in no case this should be given to any other person/PDS holder.
  2. While drawing ration, the cardholder must check the quality/quantity and weighing of the commodity and he must ensure the receipt of cash memo along with proper entries of the same made in the ration card.
  3. In case of loss/damage of the ration card /change/addition/deletion in the entries of the ration card, the cards holder shall immediately contact the concerned circle office. No over writing /alteration in their card should be done by the cardholders.
  4. In the event of death and migration of any family member out of the state for specified period the name of the person should be deleted from the ration card.