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Allocation of S K (Subsidized Kerosene)


S.K. Oil is one of the 7 (seven) notified Essential Commodities under the Schedule-I of the E.C. Act, 1955. This highly subsidized commodity is meant only for cooking and illumination. Only NFSA Ration Card holders are entitled for this commodity through licensed agencies.

S.K. Oil is sub-allocated to each State/UTs by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MoPNG), Government of India. The State Govt., after receiving the quarterly (sometimes monthly) allocation from the MoP&NG, distributes the same to the District/Sub-Divisions through Directorate of FCS & CA, Assam, being the implementing authority of FCS & CA Department, Govt. of Assam.

The whole S.K. oil distribution system functions in coordination with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. and with the involvement of various Govt. licensed agencies. The network of distribution upto the end-users may be seen in the flow chart.


The objective of inclusion of this commodity under schedule I of the essential commodities is to provide cooking and illuminating support in absence of LPG and Electricity. More the LPG connection and availability of electricity less the allocation/uses of S.K. oil for cooking and illumination.

Agencies Involved:

The important agencies involved in the distribution of S.K. Oil upto end users are Oil Depots, Sub-depots, GPSS, FP Shops, Hawkers, Retailers etc.

Licensing of Agencies: Licensing of Kerosene Depots under the control of IOC:

The licensing authority for sub depots, GPSS, FPS, Hawkers, Retailers are Deputy Commissioners. The list of the Licensing Authorities is defined in the Essential Commodities Act, 1955. However, for licensing of Agencies by DCs, prior approval of the Administrative Department is a must. Instructions on the same may be found in the documents section.


(A) Acts & Rules / Guidelines:
  • Copies of Essential Commodities Act.
  • Copies of Prevention of Black Marketing Act.
  • Ban on the issuance of S.K. Oil Hawkers retailers/sub-depots etc.
  • Guidelines for issuance of S.K. Oil sub-depots licenses.
(B) Forms:
  • Form for obtaining S.K. Oil sub-depot/hawkers/FPS/Retailers licenses.
(C) Report:
  • Quarterly receipt of S.K. Oil from Govt. of India since 2009 (chart).
  • Government of India quarterly/monthly allotment orders.
  • Government of Assam monthly allotment orders.